SALE Vanilla Infused Sugar - Aged 7 Months - 1.5 ounce

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Here it is.

The secret to our delicious vanilla marshmallows and creamy french sea salt and lavender vanilla caramels. This is the same vanilla infused sugar that we use to create our out of this world vanilla candies.

We know that most people don't have the time or budget to infuse their own vanilla sugar with hundreds of vanilla beans for months on end. So let us do the work for you!

Our sugar is infused for over 7 months with Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans and Tahitian vanilla beans. We age our vanilla sugar so the vanilla oils have time to soak into the sugar. The result is a rich and deeply flavored sugar that is speckled with vanilla seeds throughout. So deeply flavored that the sugar is a lovely light brown from the natural vanilla oils.

Use our organic aged vanilla sugar in coffee, tea, sprinkled on top of fruit, or even in your baking.

Just one tiny teaspoon full of this sugar is enough to give your cakes and cookies an extraordinary old fashioned vanilla flavor.

Once you've tasted the flavor of quality organic vanilla beans you will never go back to using vanilla extracts again.Your vanilla sugar comes in a cute spice jar with clamp lid.

Each jar holds 1.5 oz. of sugar and vanilla beans.

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SALE Vanilla Infused Sugar - Aged 7 Months - 1.5 ounce

SALE Vanilla Infused Sugar - Aged 7 Months - 1.5 ounce

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